SAP d-shop virtual AR/VR office tour


SAP d-shop virtual AR/VR office tour


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Over the first term of my internship at SAP, I joined on of their d-shop teams, namely the VR Office Tour team. We worked together to bring to life a virtual tour of our beautiful Vancouver office. The original goal was to allow people passing the streets of the office to get a glimpse into the office, but that goal changed as work shifted to work from home. Our updated target audience became new interns and colleagues that have not had the chance to visit the office. We hoped our project would excite them and help them look forward to the reopening of offices. As well, we provided some interesting facts and statistics about the company (for example, number of interns, ratio of boys to girls, etc)


  • A Frame - main AR/ VR library used to build the foundations of the project
  • SAP Cloud Foundry - used to deploy/ host our product on the cloud
  • TinkerCAD - tool used to design and create custom 3D models


I'm so glad I got the chance to work on an exciting and cool project and make some new friends. The technologies used in this project were completely new to most of use, so it was a great learning experience for all. We ran into some ups and downs and had to scale down our scope during the process, but we are super proud of the progress we accomplished, considering this was an extra-curricular on top of our full time work.